Cleaner, More Efficient Energy

  • Wildcat Point will be powered by natural gas, a clean source of energy available in great quantities in the U.S. Emissions from natural gas are among the lowest of any fuel used for generating electricity.
  • Two-thirds of the power generated in Maryland is from power plants that are at least 30 years old. The Wildcat Point facility will help modernize, clean and diversify Maryland’s energy portfolio.
  • ODEC and its members have been practicing energy efficiency for years.  These efforts include coupons for Energy Smart CFL bulbs, an on-line energy calculator to help inform their members on how they use energy in their homes (with recommendations on ways to mitigate usage), in-home energy audits, an energy newsletter for their commercial/industrial members, a website devoted to the education of energy efficiency matters (, and an energy efficiency calendar. Some of the member cooperatives have established a “Beat the Peak” program, encouraging their members to reduce consumption at the peak hours of the month. All of these opportunities have resulted in a more informed member-consumer base that saves energy and reduces demand.
  • Lastly, to update the public on its sustainability efforts, ODEC recently issued its 2014 Sustainability Report. That report can be viewed by clicking here.