Cecil Whig: Plumpton Zoo gets support from ODEC

Originally published in The Cecil Whig

Cecil Whig Photo by Jane Bellmyer

ODEC’s Brian Heinbaugh presents a gift to Plumpton Zoo leaders. Cecil Whig Photo by Jane Bellmyer

RISING SUN — A pair of corporate donations were made recently to Plumpton Park Zoo to help keep Jimmie the giraffe comfortable and improve the public experience at the nonprofit facility on Telegraph Road.

“This is our first giraffe barn,” said Allison DeVere, general manager of Foam Insealators. “We’ve done other barns but this is a first.”

DeVere watched as a crew of 10 from the Baltimore-based business sprayed 5 1/2 inches of open cell foam between 2-by-8-inch boards, forming an airtight seal for the Giraffe Education Center.

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